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Clear Tek™ Clear PVC / Vinyl Tubing

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Designed specifically for use in spas and jetted baths.
CLEAR TEK™ clear PVC / vinyl tubing is manufactured to exacting specifications from crystal clear compounds which are in compliance with applicable FDA requirements. Smooth and crystal clear inside and outside. Seamless smooth bore will not restrict flow and reduces potential for sediment buildup. Silicone and phthalate free. Perfect for use as air line for jetted tubs and baths and much more. Designed for use with barbed or insert fittings. Silicone and phthalate free. Also available in black and custom colors.

  • Non toxic formulation; silicon and phthalate free
  • Smooth inside—permits unrestricted flow, reducing friction and operating costs
  • Crystal clear color with glass-like consistency and clarity
  • Resistant to chemicals, non-marking and non-conductive

Our CLEAR TEK™ Clear PVC / Vinyl Tubing has excellent resistive properties toward acids, alkalis and numerous solvents. Clear as glass, the smooth inside bore permits virtually unrestricted flow while reducing sediment buildup. Non-toxic formulation. It is non-marking, non-conductive and silicone free. It is lightweight and strong, yet very flexible and can easily stand up to situations requiring rough handling while maintaining dimensional stability.

User must use proper fitting(s) to meet burst pressure and not working pressure. Flexible hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects under certain conditions; warranty does not cover these instances of damage. Product should not be stored in direct sunlight, nor should it be stored in stacks higher than five (5) coils. Not intended for use with potable water. Use only with insert or barbed fittings manufactured specifically for use with flexible non kink PVC products.