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Clear and White Standard Suction Hose

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Our Standard Clear and White Suction Hose is for use in general operations for the transfer of water, wash down, jetting, dewatering and irrigation. It is lightweight and flexible with a smooth, no-restricting PVC tube that provides durability and is abrasion resistant. The PVC cover is also weather, ozone and UV resistant. The hose is smooth both on the inside and the outside and works well for large volume transfer operations.. This hose is very strong, yet relatively lightweight; it resists twisting and kinking; it does not absorb water and is mildew and ozone proof. It can be coupled with aluminum, malleable or PVC shank connectors or quick connects through a variety of methods, including standard hose clamps or crimp on connectors. Silicone and phthalate free.

  • Use for suction, discharge or gravity flow of water, salt water and mild diluted acids
  • Great for use in construction, agriculture, mining, rock dusting, well point systems, septic systems or equipment rental
  • Flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent blend of quality and price

Our standard clear and white suction hose is extremely flexible allowing the user or installer the ability to make smoother, tighter turns than are possible with standard flexible PVC pipe which makes it perfect for working in confined areas. It requires fewer fittings than standard pipe, saving time and money. Smooth inside and out it permits virtually unrestricted flow.

User must use proper fitting(s) to meet burst pressure and not working pressure. Flexible hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects under certain conditions; warranty does not cover these instances of damage. Product should not be stored in direct sunlight, nor should it be stored in stacks higher than five (5) coils. Not intended for use with potable water. Use only with glues and primers manufactured specifically for use with flexible PVC products.