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Non-Kink Electrical Tubing

Designed specifically for use for low voltage electrical and cord management systems. Non-kink electrical tubing hose is smooth inside for easy wire pulling, excellent strength and flexibility. Black non-toxic color with RED helix for easy identification. Very flexible, reducing the number of required fittings, permitting smooth, tight turns. and can easily be used in tight quarters. Silicone and phthalate free. Great for use in high vibration or applications requiring some movement or flexing. Can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife or PVC cutter.

  • Use with standard liquid tight conduit connectors
  • Integral rigid and flexible PVC construction. Phthalate Free.
  • Maximum flexibility, can be used in extremely tight quarters
  • Smooth inside for easier wire pulling
  • Light weight, lower installed cost
  • Oil, water and sunlight resistant
  • Quick installation, cuts with utility knife or PVC cutter
  • Suitable for use in high vibration or flexing applications