Terms of Sale

Our standard payment terms are net 30 days with credit approval. We also offer our EZPASS payment program, which provides a discount for paying in advance of order shipment either by check or by credit card. Please contact us for additional details. Past due accounts are subject to penalty, including but not limited to interest charges of 1.5% per month, court costs and attorney fees.

Our standard freight terms are FOB Denton, TX 76207.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice. Outstanding price quotations are valid only for the period stated, and are null and void if there are major changes in the cost of raw materials, or due to force majeure.

We are not liable for delays or failure to perform due to Acts of God, Acts of War, flood, fire or explosion, shortages or lack of availability of raw materials, shortage or lack of equipment, fuel, power, transportation, riots or social unrest, labor strikes or difficulties, embargos, equipment or machinery breakdown or damage, stoppage caused by governmental authority, accidents, any acts of omission by the Buyer or any other causes or causes outside our reasonable control.

All quotations, orders or contracts are subject to written acceptance by the Seller. All products sold or distributed by TekTube USA are by nature commodities and are sold by published specifications and not for particular purposes, uses or applications. Buyer assumes all risks whatsoever resulting from the use of material purchased, whether such material is used singly or in combination with other products and/or substances. Seller makers no warranty of any kind expressed or implied with respect to the suitability of the material for any use or purpose intended by the Buyer. Hose or tubing may fail due to use or conveyance of liquids or substances at temperatures outside recommended ranges or pressures, and should not be used for the conveyance of flammable, explosive, abrasive or otherwise damaging or dangerous materials. Buyer should frequently inspect product after installation for cracking, blistering, leaking or slipped connections, bulging, kinking and flaking or chipping. Hoses can be damaged by high pressure/vacuum and/or high temperature, pressure spikes or sudden and significant drops in pressure and by being overrun by equipment. They should not be subject to impact, sharp objects or pull/push pressure or tension, open flame or other ignitable materials or sources. Hoses can be damaged by insects and animals. Hose should always be stored dry on a smooth surface and away from direct sunlight.